Travel Insurance

As with all aspects in life, it is important to ensure you have a safety net if something doesn’t go quite as planned. That is where travel insurance comes in! Here at The River Cruise Company we believe that no one should set foot offshore without travel insurance. Each river cruise line offers their own comprehensive plans at reasonable prices. You will receive an insurance quote along with your initial cruise quote. It is never required, but always highly recommended. See below for the top ten reasons why travel insurance is always a good investment!

1: Trip Cancellation Coverage

Life is unpredictable and things happen. Travel Insurance ensures that you are covered for expenses of cancellation in the case of these unexpected occurrences. Some examples include, illness to you or your traveling companion, death of a family member, house fire, etc. Some reasons for cancellation may not be covered so it is important to always read your plan carefully. Specifically be sure to consult the “pre-existing condition” section of each plan.

2: Trip Interruption Coverage

It is important to plan for problems that may occur during your trip. Trip Interruption Coverage will help you in the event that your trip is interrupted in some way, including but not limited to, illness, natural disaster, theft of passport, hospitalization of travel companion while traveling, etc. The insurance will help to recoup expenses that were lost or unused due to the interruption. Some reasons may not always be covered and plans/coverage amount may vary.

3: Baggage/Personal Effects Coverage

We bring some of our most valuable items on our trips; expensive cameras, phones, laptops, and more. In the event that anything is lost or stolen, travel insurance is there as a safety net to help recover the cost of those items up to the specified amount and stipulations outlined in each plan.

4: Missed Connection Coverage

Delays are an unfortunate travel occurrence that we have all had to deal with. Most travel insurances include missed connection coverage which will help get you to where you need to be in the event of a delay and cover such costs. Unused travel expenses due to a delay may also be covered. Certain stipulations will always apply.

5: Delayed Baggage Coverage

Even with the technological streamline of baggage transfers at airports, mistakes can still happen and bags can be delayed or lost putting a dark cloud over your trip. With Delayed Baggage Coverage, essential items will be reimbursed (up to the specified amount) so you can enjoy your trip without the worry. Expedited return of lost baggage may also be covered.

6: Emergency Assistance Service

When something goes wrong while traveling it is important to have someone on your side. All insurance plans include emergency assistance services that will provide you with an agent to get the reassurance and help you may require.

7: Single Supplement

In many cases, travel companies will charge a single supplement for those traveling alone. Some insurances will cover all or part of the single supplement fee incurred if your traveling companion needs to cancel (under a specified covered reason) and you still decide to travel alone.

8: Accident & Sickness Medical Expense

Arguably the most important part of any travel insurance plan is the medical coverage that will be provided in the case of an injury or sickness while aboard. Out-of-pocket medical expenses can be extremely high so insurance is a vital safety net to have in the case of an emergency. Most insurance medical coverages will vary, please consult your specific plan for further details.

9: Emergency Evacuation

Not all destinations have adequate medical treatment for all sickness or injuries. Travel insurance will cover (up to the specified amount) of evacuation costs to another facility when deemed necessary by medical professionals. In some cases, the cost of travel home may also be covered.

10: Terrorism, Natural Disaster, Travel Company Bankruptcy

Most of these coverages will fall under the trip cancellation/interruption coverage, but it is important to note these separately as these are external coverages that most may not think about. All plans will have varied benefit coverage under these terms so be sure to read the fine print.